We’re on the Hunt: Extrusion Operator Trainees

We’re on the Hunt: Extrusion Operator Trainees

Have you or someone you know been searching for a job where “on the job training” means you get paid to learn in-demand skills? Montville Plastics is searching for Extrusion Operator Trainees to join a year-long training program where they will learn to set up, run and maintain operations on our extrusion lines. Entry-level trainees will work with a supervisor during training to ensure machines run smoothly and efficiently while also adhering to safety controls.


  • Follow Supervisor/Lead instructions for machine operations (including reading, interpreting and analyzing production orders).
  • Assist with and have the ability to learn set-up tasks (including selecting dies, reading blueprints/drawings, and determining proper positioning and adjusting of downstream equipment to maximize efficiencies and achieve production goals).
  • Ability to consistently maintain speed and quality within guidelines of spec book.
  • Upon completion of training, ability to inspect output to assure quality of materials produced, including locating defects and checking for conformance to specifications.
  • Report to supervisor/lead mechanical problems and/or operator errors.
  • Assist with performance troubleshooting and taking corrective measures.
  • Responsible for keeping your work area clean and safe.
  • Accurately count and report production and inventory.


  • Must be detail-oriented with strong math skills; mechanically inclined.
  • Ability to read measurement instructions: tape measure/ruler (to 1/16th); calipers; gauges.
  • Knowledge in packing, labeling, banding, weighing and sorting finished goods is helpful.
  • Ability to learn new processes quickly in a fast-paced environment.
  • Self-motivation to complete other work in downtime.
  • Excellent attendance history.


  • High school diploma or equivalent (GED) preferred.

Would you like to apply to become one of our Trainees? Or, do you know someone who would be a great fit?

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Exciting Projects Coming to Cleveland

Exciting Projects Coming to Cleveland

The Montville team attended The Who’s Who in Building & Construction Showcase in Cleveland on April 17th. It was a fantastic afternoon walking the show hall and meeting with various industry vendors. There’s a lot of energy in the city and plenty of great projects happening right in our back yard!