Agriculture & Farming

Montville Plastics has more than 40 years’ experience servicing customers in the agricultural industry.  Our location in rural Ohio puts us in close proximity to some of the largest and most productive farms in the industry while also making us a great supplier that can deliver to your DC’s all across the heartland. We’re proud to be a privately owned American manufacturer.

Our product engineers and service team work closely with our customers to design, develop and manufacture products that meet their required specifications that enable them to perform their work efficiently and safely.

With more large, industrial-style farms utilizing a growing array of technological advances to maximize productivity, farmers and manufacturers will have a greater need than ever before for sound advice from a trusted advisor. Montville Plastics will take the time to understand your needs and challenges, acting as your partner in plastics manufacturing.

Whether you are searching for a better price on an existing part/product or you’re focused on innovating a new product, Montville Plastics is here to support you with our expertise and passion for the American farmer and the companies that support them.

Our product and engineering experts will work to help you:

  • Design and develop parts that meet your required specifications
  • Manufacture durable parts that hold up even under extreme UV and temperature conditions
  • Increase efficiencies and functionality
  • Improve automation
  • Expand yield
  • Meet FDA requirements

A sample of some of the parts we’ve made in the agricultural industry are:

  • Seals and gaskets
  • Rollers
  • Hydroponic bins and containment systems
  • Garden and field accessories
  • Landscaping spikes
  • Cattle Fence
  • Fence Posts