Consumer Products

Consumer and industrial products is a massive market covering millions of products, and Montville Plastics has experience in creating hundreds of end product for customers in this ever-growing field. Whether it is a special color or finish, or you’re searching for an alternative material that drives price down, we can help you create your product differentiator.

When walking the aisles of stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s, or shopping online at Amazon, you will find many plastic products manufactured at our facilities just outside Cleveland. Our customers rely on us not only to manufacture their plastic products, but also for assembly and packaging services to streamline the entire process. Let us help you meet the standards of big box stores.

A small sample of our molded and extruded industrial items:

  • Aerobic Steps
  • Lawn edging
  • Conveyor belt rollers, V-guides and V-belts
  • Hula Hoops
  • Lawn mower deck rollers
  • Composite landscaping ties
  • Barrels and barrel rings