Rail, Freight & Transit

Iron Horse Engineering Co. is the rail division of Montville Plastics and Rubber. Started in 1987 with the invention of the rail boot, our products and services span from transit to heavy haul freight lines, spanning more than 1 million miles of track.

Our experts are constantly innovating products to simplify installation, saving you time and costs by reducing damage, noise and maintenance. We strive to be an intricate part of your project team because we understand rail. When you need us, we’re there.

Why Iron Horse Engineering?

  • Understand government funded and highly regulated industries
  • Ability to deliver products integrating with a project schedule
  • “Made in America” Compliant
  • Product development focused on reduction in labor costs (where applicable)
  • Experts with deep-rooted industry knowledge
  • We are the manufacturer (no distributor markups)

Examples of products we manufacture:

For a complete list of products, visit www.ironhorseeng.com