History of Montville Plastics and Rubber

Montville Plastics and Rubber has been an custom plastic extruder and injection molder for 40 years since it was established in 1977. Montville Plastics has a diverse history that includes humble beginnings inside of a small garage in a Cleveland, Ohio, suburb with just one plastic extruder. Today, we’re recognized as a leader in the custom plastics industry, with facilities spanning 100,000 square feet with 14 extruders and more than 50 full-time employees.

We continue to run as a family business that believes in trust as the lifeblood of our company. At Montville Plastics, we don’t take it lightly that you’ve entrusted us with your visions, your dreams and your goals since 1977. We value your partnership and your faith in us.

We take pride in the continual evolution of our plastics products. Read on for a glimpse into our company:
The 1980s: 

In a new 3,000 square foot facility, Montville plastics patented its first product, a ring for plastic drums. We also purchased Kessler Products of Youngstown, a window profile company. As business grew, it became apparent that customers needed faster turnaround time on die development, so we purchased our own EDM machine and began building dies for our customers.

The 1990s: 

Business continued to expand and we once again moved needed to move into a larger 15,000 square foot facility in Parkman, Ohio. We continued to add more equipment, 5 extruders, including our first twin screw. During this time, we partnered with Iron Horse Engineering to design products for the rail industry. Montville would purchase Iron Horse Engineering in 2002.

The 2000s: 

Continuing to focus on our design and engineering capabilities, Montville was awarded product development contracts to make the rubber mats for Reebok Step Aerobics; helped Rutgers University develop a plastics formula for making plastic lumber boards; and began making plastic ties for railroads in South America and Brazil. We once again outgrew our facilities and added an additional 30,000 square feet.

The 2010s:

Jay Roberts joined the company as a partner in Montville Plastics and Rubber. It continued to grow, doubling the size of tooling and their product engineering team, adding a CNC machine and another EDM machine. By doing so, an emphasis was placed on our customers and their design needs. Focusing on our proprietary product, we launched our new Rail Seal product and scuff liner boards. We expanded capabilities to include an injection molding division.