Montville Plastics now offers scuff liner boards for the insides of trucks and trailers, launching its latest product line for the transportation industry. The company’s HDPE heavy duty scuff boards provide protection against damage from tow motor punctures and cargo pallets.

As an alternative to wood and aluminum liners, Montville’s scuff liner boards offer the flexibility and durability fleet owners require to extend their trucks’ service life and reduce maintenance costs. The company specializes in creating custom scuff profiles for specific dimensions, as well as standard 12-inch-wide liners available in black or white. Standard lengths are 27’, 47’, and 52’. These new scuff boards offer a floor lip turn-down to increase scuff life and provide a snag-free surface.

“We’ve created custom profiles since the late 1970s, and we’re continually innovating with new products based on the needs of our customers,” said Jay Roberts, President of Montville Plastics. “Our focus in the transportation industry allows us genuinely understand what our customers need: products that decrease weight on vehicles with durable materials to help lower maintenance costs. We know this highly regulated industry and understand what it takes to meet safety requirements.”

About Montville Plastics

Montville Plastics has created custom profiles since 1977, and today we continue to offer a full line of seals and gaskets for the transportation industry. All products are created in our 150,000-square-foot facilities outside Cleveland, Ohio. We outsource nothing: from project concept with our in-house design team to injection molding, assembly and shipping, we can handle it all.