Each year, ASMC members and client companies ascend upon Washington DC for its annual “Hill Day,” where manufacturers like Montville Plastics & Rubber can meet with their respective Congressional delegation to advocate for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program in its annual appropriations process.

American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) members provide unparalleled support to the MEP program and the manufacturing community with a focus on improving the manufacturing industry’s competitiveness through innovative solutions to products and processes.

The two-day event begins March 1, 2016, which includes an opening reception to celebrate attendees’ achievements in manufacturing. Featured speakers include Delaware Senator Christopher Coons, Michigan Senator Gary Peters, and New York Congressman Tom Reed.

Wednesday’s agenda includes an informal seminar on legislative activities and approaching congressional offices to request increased funding for the MEP program. Attendees can also hear from fellow manufacturing colleagues with lessons and tips on how to build effective congressional relationships. Manufacturers will also have the opportunity to meet with their delegation in House and Senate office buildings.