Trailer Door Seals & Gaskets

Montville Plastics has years of experience in the Transportation and Trucking industry, with a focus in door moulding, seals and gaskets. Our onsite design engineers work with you to create custom extruded plastics that offer unbeatable durability. We’ll meet your technical requirements in both form and function. Need a custom-made design? No problem.

Our expertise includes: 

  • Flexible plastics for gaskets, insulating and seals.
  • Rigid plastics for durability, long-term wear, assembly and appearance.
  • Flexible and Rigid plastics that can be co-extruded.

We specialize in bottom channel, side seals, inner and outer seals for refrigerated trailers, top seals, door stops, jamb seals, dividers, tubing and a variety of trim profiles.

Let us get to work on a quote for you today.